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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups meet regularly to do their "thing". This is the place where you can find people to share your hobby. If you like fishing, shooting, dancing, knitting, a book club, whatever. List your hobby and find others with the same interest, then gather to share your faith, pray and have fun!   Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.


Special Interest Groups

Meet at Paradise Doggie Park

If you have a dog, meet us at the Paradise Doggie Park every Tuesday evening at 6pm. We'll switch to other doggie parks as suggested.


If you love fishing or just want to try it out, lets schedule a fishing charter. Email Norine at

Softball Practice

Men and women who love softball. Whether you're on a team or not, lets meet at Knudson Field across from the Paradise Regional Rec Center on Thursdays at 4pm to practice hitting, fielding and catching. Contact Norine at

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