Activities: Sports, Socials and Monthly Meetings

We understand the value God places on fellowship with other Christians so we want to gather ourselves together for activities like sports, games, socials, monthly meetings, etc.
Whether you're new to The Villages, or have been here awhile, making friends isn't always easy in the prime of our life. I'm talking about friends you can call to discuss a personal issue or meet for shopping & lunch, someone more than just a casual acquaintance that you see weekly at pickleball. It takes intentionality to form these friendships. Start here by joining or leading a Sport, Social or Special Interest Group. 
If you are interested in leading a particular sport or activity we can add it! A leader can be guided on ideas to keep the group active and growing spiritually. Use the contact button in the menu bar at a the top of the page to let us know you want to lead.


There are plenty of sports available in the Villages, so finding a group isn't too hard, but we want to help you find a group to play with and also reach a deeper level of friendship that touches at each others' spiritual level by caring for each other on and off the court. Gathering in a circle to introduce yourselves and to "pray before you play" is a great opportunity to share your faith, care for each other and gain a new and deeper understanding of each other.


Socials are gatherings to drink & dance, meet for food, play cards/games.  The focus is mainly talking and laughing so it's more about enjoying the company of others and making friends. We need extroverts  (or courageous introverts) to organize some socials!

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups meet regularly to do their "thing". This is the place where you can find people to share your hobby. If you like fishing, shooting, dancing, knitting, a book club, whatever. List your hobby and find others with the same interest, then gather to share your faith, pray and have fun!   Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.

Monthly Meeting

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