Move Forward, Choose from below

Learning Weekly with Others

Meets regularly to increase confidence in sharing your faith. Studies vary from Books of the Bible, The Case for Christ, Just Walk Across the Room, Becoming a Contagious Christian, Tactics, Unfinished, etc. By end of class students will feel confident about bringing up their faith in ordinary daily conversations with others.

2-Hour Seminars

For a quicker learning process. These condensed overviews are a jump start for sharing faith. Topics are How to Pray Out Loud for Others, How to Defend the Christian Faith, Learn to Share your Personal 5 minute Story to Faith, How and Where to Build Relationships with Non-Christians, Practice Sharing the Gospel Story. Classes will contain actual practice exercises.

Dinner, please.

Meet with a host person or couple over a meal to learn about the Villages or our group. They can answer your questions and make your transition less overwhelming. Decide on a restaurant or one of your homes.